Pyramids were the final resting for the Living Pharos. The real reason for building these mammoth constructions at a great expense was to serve as a royal hospital and maternity wards for the Queens. The Angular Measurements of the Pyramids correspond to the Angles of SriChakra and the "Capstone" serves the same purpose as the "Kalasham" on the Temple Towers. Pyramids give out Bio-Energy Fields akin to those found in ancient SriChakra installed temples of India, which provides the Bio-Energy to cure the illness of those who rested in the Pyramids. Also the Egyptian priests used these chambers for "Initiation Ceremonies" and preparation of "Talisman" to protect the Royal Family. SriChakra drawn from inside the Pyramids gets Energized automatically.

SriChakra is the mystical construction of the Cosmos. The secrets of Cosmic unity is held by the inter-penetration of Nine Triangles. Triangles - The product of Three phases of Cosmic process - Creation, Preservation, Dissolution and the Triad of Time - Past, Present and Future, into which the whole of the activities and the universe could be summed up. The significance of Sri hakra created by ancient seers thousands of years ago is really astonishing.
The Sri hakra or Sri Yantra, the spiritual design of the Divine Mother is a yantra formed by Nine Interlocking Triangles [Nava Avaranaas, or 9 Encirclements] that surround and radiate out from the Bindu-The Junction Point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source. SriChakra consists of a concentric series of triangles cumulating in one singular triangle at the center. Four of the triangles point upwards, representing Lord Shiva or the Masculine. Five of these triangles point downwards, representing Goddess Shakti or the Feminine. Thus the Sri Yantra also represents the union of Masculine and the divine Feminine. Because it is composed of Nine triangles, it is known as the "Navayoni Chakra"

Together the Nine triangles are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web symbol of the entire Cosmos or a Womb Symbolic of Creation. Together they express Advaita [Non-Duality]. This is surrounded by a Lotus of Eight Petals, a Lotus of Sixteen Petals and an Earth Square resembling a Temple with Four doors. The SriChakra is also known as the Nava Chakra because it can also be seen as having Nine levels. Each level corresponds to a Mudra, a Yogini, and a specific form of the deity, the beauty of the three worlds, Tripura Sundari, Goddess Raja Rajeshwari, along with her mantra.

  1. The Base of SriChakra is called Bopura which resembles the outer wall of the city. The encirclement is also called Trilokya Mohana Chakra [The area that enchants the Three Worlds]. It has 3 Inner Circles with Four Portals
  2. The next Chakra[Circle] is called Shodasha Dala Padma, the Lotus of 16 Petals, also called as Sarvasa Paripurna Chakra [The areas that fulfils all the desires].
  3. The Third Arena, Ashthadala Padma [The Lotus of 8 Petals] known as Sarva Samkshobini Chakra [The area causing turbulence to all]. The next Chakras display the various aspects of Geometry.
  4. Chaturdasham is the Fourth Arena also known as Sarva Soubhagya Chakra [Which gives all types of prosperity] and is composed of Fourteen small triangles.
  5. Bahirdasara the Fifth Arena has Ten small triangles. This Arena is known as Sarvartha Sadakha Chakra, the circle of practices to attain all achievements.
  6. The Sixth Chakra also has Ten small triangles. This Arena is also called Antardasaram also called as SarvaRakshakara Chakra, the Circle that gifts all types of protection.
  7. The Seventh Arena has eight small triangles. Hence it is called Ashtakona, it is also called Sarvarogahara Chakra. i.e. The Chakra that cures all diseases.
  8. The Eighth Arena has One small triangle. Its called as Trikona. It has another name called SarvasiddhiPrada Chakra, the Circle that gifts all achievements.
  9. The Nineth and the last Arena is just a Bindu [Point]. Its called Saarvanandamaya Chakra, the Circle of Divine Bliss. The Bindu in the center of the SriChakra is the symbolic representation of the Cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. Goddess Raja Rajeshwari, the embodiment of Sat-Chit-Ananda [Truth-Knowledge—Bliss] resides in this ultimate, supreme state.

The various aspects of Goddess of Nature reside in symbolic forms, in these Chakras [Circles]. Hence the worship of SriChakra is equivalent to the worship of Mother Nature. This worship has Mystic and Yogic significance. Hence its not possible for all to worship this SriChakra. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji being one of the Avatars in the Dattatreya Lineage is capable of worshipping Sri Chakra as according to the path stipulated by our ancient seers.

SriChakra Yantra with Pyramid.
Having formulated a limited edition of SriChakra with "Life-Induced" [Energised] into them from inside the Pyramid, the permanent sealing of the "Circuits" were completed in India at the alter of deities of ancient SriChakra installed temples of South India, Sringeri, Tiruvanaikaval, Kanchipuram. Mangadu and Chidambaram. SriChakra is also worshipped by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham.

Benefits of SriChakra.

  1. SriChakra in the Pyramids and in the Indian Temples channelise the Bio-Energy continuously.
  2. To correct the Aura of an individual.
  3. To clean a place of unwanted interference of energy.
  4. To ward-off evil.
  5. To correct Vastu Defects.
  6. To increase happiness and contentment.
  7. To reach one's goal in life.
  8. The worship and use of SriChakra has the ability to increase the concentration power of the brain.
  9. SriChakra energised with Cosmic power in the Puja Room helps to protect the home. The vibration of ancient temples can be felt when SriChakra is kept in the Puja Room.
  10. Our body is not only a bio-chemical entity. It is a product of Bio-Chemical and Electro-Magnetic energy fields, wrapped by protective and life sustaining Bio-Energy exchanges with the Cosmos.

The proper flow of Bio-Energy is ensured by this SriChakra. It's very presence itself is beneficial.

Simple Worship of SriChakra
SriChakra can be worshipped by Devi Mantras. There are several traditions of the worshipping the SriChakra. The very simple and effective pooja of SriChakra is known as the SriChakra Navavarana pooja as per the Khadgamala Vidhi. For all round spiritual and material benefits it is a highly effective pooja. If one cannot do a detailed worship, they can worship the SriYantra 108 times with the simple Devi Mantra:

"Om Aim Hreem Shreem Sri Lalita Tripurasundari Padukam Poojayami Namah"
The Beeja Mantra of SriChakra is:
"Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahaalakshmyei Shreem Hreem Shreem Namah"
or worship better with the Panchadasakshari Mantra, which is one of the greatest Devi Mantras and next only to the Shodasha Mantra:

"Ka E i La Hreem - Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem - Sa Ka La Hreem"

Devotee's Experiences

Swami Sahaja Datta Pada, Mysore
"Swamiji, you give so many things to your devotees, how come you never give me anything?"
He looked at me and said in the most compassionate voice, "I don't give you anything, for I have kept you in my heart"

Swamy Vishnudatta Padarenu, Russia
Sri Swamiji addressed me by my name, Varada Raja, greeted me, allowed me to do Namaskaram, and then began speaking with me as though He had known me for several years....

Mysore Patrike Venkatramu
"I bless all those who come to me irrespective of their caste or religion. If a Christian comes to me I tell him to believe in Jesus and continue to have faith in his own religion. Likewise, if a Muslim comes to me I stress upon the importance of being a good Muslim and follow his own faith..."

S Dwarkanath, Mysore
"Your friend Satyanarayana has become a Swamiji, I went and paid my respects, you also go and do the same", I did not pay any attention to this talk so she hit me on the head....

C S Venkatesh, Bangalore
"Wherever you work, as a clerk or an engineer, be honest and sincere and pray to God and your Guru. You will come out good in life".....

Krishan Kumar, Mysore
Then He took me to His room and showed me a map of India, showing certain places saying that He wanted to go there. "Will you take me? Will you take me?"....

Sheetal Persad
"Don't worry; Sri Swamiji will take care." I realized at that moment that he was answering my thoughts. He knows everything for He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is my master.....